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"I never attack people personally. I just attack their ideas" - Jay Chiat

Weekly Quiz
1. Which magazine was launched by the publisher William Maxwell Gaines in 1952?
2 Which company owns magindia.com, an online advertising gallery?
3. Which legendary company was started as a small soap, candles and cheese manufacturing business in 1806 in Manhattan?
4. The mission statement of this media empire 'Educate, Inform and Entertain' is still used today. Name the company?
5. In HR parlance who are 'Gatekeepers'?
6. Which Indian lifestyle brand is endorsed by Fleur Xavier and Yuvraj Singh?
7. Identify the Indian bank which ha teamed up with Cardif, the French Insurance co, to setup bancassurance distribution system
8. Who was named the 'Business Woman of the Year' by The Economic Times Corporate Excellence Awards?
9. Name the famous person who authors a weekly column by the name 'Succes Secrets' in Business Today?
10. Which Indian company took over the Singapore based Berger International for Rs 56.7 crores?
Trivia of the Week
Piyush Pandey, Creative Head of O&M India, was worked three years in the Tea industry in Calcutta, which was the first job of the creative honco, before joining O&M.
1. MAD
2. Mudra
3. Colgate
4. BBC
5. Members of a decision making group who control access to information about available choices
6. Westside
7. State Bank of India
8. Jaswantiben Popat of 'Lijjat Papad'
9. Mark McCormack of IMG
10. Asian Paints
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